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  • Let's Cook

    Let's Cook

    Diversity doesn't get any wider than in Singapore. Being a multi-racial society, Singapore is home to a collage of communities, cultures and religions. Food is essential in our daily life, and it’s common regardless where you are from. We hope to make use of this common factor in us, to introduce our new friends, new immigrants and expatriates to our fellow Singaporeans. Using food as a channel to provide a better understanding of their cultures and promote a better community. Also, implementing a friendly cooking competition in this programme to provide an entertaining and harmonious interaction. The ability to exhibit wide range of cultural values from different races/nationalities in Singapore. Able to understand in-depth of the food culture through the varieties of their traditional food. Making use of the theme to bring one closer to another. Understanding their food culture through an interactive approach such as home visiting. A way of approach to a community with different cultures and provide a better understanding to each other, and bring everyone together harmoniously through the assistance of the food culture topic.
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  • New Year Old Taste

    New Year Old Taste

    Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival, which is celebrated with a feast and the New Year delicacies are created and passed down through generations. It’s also a time to express love to the family. This programme will lead audience to regain the old customs and delicacies of yesteryears.
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  • Old Taste Detective

    Old Taste Detective

    Food varies with time and places and often differs from the original version. Although time can create tradition and authenticity but it can also change the original taste of the dishes. The host will revisit the dishes based on local traditional taste and reproduce the ancient taste through a chef.
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  • The Taste Of Time

    The Taste Of Time

    Due to the multicultural make-up of the Singaporean society, the flavours, ingredients and methods of preparation of the delicacies here are the result of the fusion of various food cultures. Our forefathers brought not just their customs, but also the food cultures from their hometowns when they first migrated to the South. Over the years, after countless improvisations and innovations and together with the Singapore’s multicultural characteristic, the unique local food delicacies are evolved. Different food cultures with their own uniqueness integrate with the Asian food cultures and thus, “Cuisine from that Region cultivates the Culture of that Region”.
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  • World Food

    World Food

    Food of the past and present around the world is a cultural transformation. From food and ingredients, there is interesting comparison between food cultures of the East & West. Why do Easterners like tofu but Westerners do not and Cheese is liked by the Eurasians and nomads but not the Han people?
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