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  • When Ghost Meets Zombie

    When Ghost Meets Zombie

    She is a soul without a body He is a body without a soul They are SOULMATES The zombie, Pong, with a body but no soul, lives a pathetic existence in the clutches of a wicked Taoist priest with supernatural powers. One day, a female ghost, Chin Chin, with a soul but no body, chanced upon Pong, possessed him and made their escape together. Chin Chin was part of the contingent of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant finalists but died through a misadventure in the midst of the competition. As her wish has been to win in the pageant, she is thus unable to be reincarnated due to her unfulfilled dream. Chin Chin’s encounter with Pong has provided her with fresh inspiration: she decided to use Pong to help her fulfilled her dream...
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