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  • Arts Guide

    Arts Guide

    Art originates from our daily life! Viewers can see artists using their expertise to tell stories and also understand the different arts scene and local arts culture through different segments of each episode. Let’s see how the hosts display their creativity and get involved in many art creations.
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  • How to train your future

    How to train your future

    Xiaoshu was the apple of the teacher’s eye, the school’s model student. He believes that when he grew up, he will be an outstanding doctor, a perfect husband, the greatest father. He was looking forward to his so-called bright future. Thus, he made a wish to be an adult. Nothing happens on the very next day but the worst teacher in Singapore, Jiang Zhi Shu was tasked to relief to Xiaoshu’s class. He was lazy, bad-tempered and irresponsible. Worse, he was affecting the student’s grades. Xiaoshu discovered that Zhi Shu actually has the exact same name as him and more incidents along the way led Xiao Shu to assume that Zhi Shu is likely his future self. Did his wish came true? Why isn't his future as bright as how his parents has described?
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  • I Can Cook Too!

    I Can Cook Too!

    “I Can Cook Too!” is a kid’s programme which gives kids the opportunity to enter the kitchen to cook simple and delicious dishes under the host’s guidance. Each episode, children can not only master the basic cooking skills but also follow the host to learn about the food source of the ingredients.
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  • Island Escapade

    Island Escapade

    You may know about Pulau Tekong, Palau Ubin and Sentosa Island, but do you know Singapore has how many offshore islands? The show will introduce the different offshore islands around Singapore to audience in an entertaining way, which is through the character Robinson and the leads given to him.
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  • Little Food Hunters

    Little Food Hunters

    Singapore is a food paradise, so food education should start when young! This food programme, which allows kids to search, taste and even try to cook delicious dishes through competition, will also feature the familiar local dishes, unfamiliar dishes from various dialect groups and the food culture. Living in the era of food diversity, food education is also a must learn for all!
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  • Little Incredible Explorer

    Little Incredible Explorer

    Overseas family trips are always about leisure, having fun and sight-seeing. This program will feature a unique way of travel. The host will bring a parent and child to personally participate in the volunteer activities in a region and enjoy a meaningful trip which is no longer just a leisure visit.
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