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  • New Year Old Taste

    New Year Old Taste

    Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival, which is celebrated with a feast and the New Year delicacies are created and passed down through generations. It’s also a time to express love to the family. This programme will lead audience to regain the old customs and delicacies of yesteryears.
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  • Old Taste Detective

    Old Taste Detective

    Food varies with time and places and often differs from the original version. Although time can create tradition and authenticity but it can also change the original taste of the dishes. The host will revisit the dishes based on local traditional taste and reproduce the ancient taste through a chef.
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  • Schools Unlimited

    Schools Unlimited

    Every student has a dream to study abroad. This has become the coming of age ceremony for many youths today. The host will visit different countries to find Singaporean students and see how they cope with study life overseas. The program is also a guide for youths who are interested to study abroad.
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  • Sherlock At Work

    Sherlock At Work

    There is a “Sherlock Holmes” in every job and trade and may involve the investigation and survey process. The show will feature the elite of each job and trade and introduce the “Sherlock Holmes” of each trade and industry. The host, Pornsak, will get to experience jobs of these “Sherlock Holmes”.
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  • Shoot It! 2

    Shoot It! 2

    The first season used Singapore’s history and culture as the main theme. The second season will be using food as its theme, showcasing our love and passion for good food. It is still one of the important things in our everyday life. This season’s guests will feature local celebrities and personalities. They will help to liven the atmosphere during the game show. Other than promoting our food culture, we will explore food manufacturing processes and skills, bringing out the connection between our food and society. The game show format will allow the hosts, guests and the audience to participate and test themselves about their knowledge of food.
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  • Shop Stories

    Shop Stories

    As the society get more and more fast paced, we are seeing more & more chain operated shops to cater for our daily needs. They may be convenient but lack character. However, there is still a group of people who set up shops for reasons other than for pure economics. They have passion for life and their shops tell their stories. This program aims to explore the stories behind these shops and hope to inspire the viewers through their stories.
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