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  • Fixer 3

    Fixer 3

    Fixer is a group of professionals who can hear the weaker voices in the society. In order to maintain social justice and equality, they make painstaking and thorough investigation in all aspects to unfold the truth and hope that it will gain attention from the society and relevant authorities, thus help to derive a reasonable solution to the issues. We will follow fixers from different regions to see how they use the different channels to unravel the truth progressively.
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  • Food of Life

    Food of Life

    There are various important days in our life, traditional celebration or celebrating the important days of our life, all will be featured in Food of Life. The show will document the life stories through the different feel for the food, thus brings out the different tastes of the food and life.
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  • Food To Go

    Food To Go

    Lunch box has been around since the Song Dynasty. We can discover the lunchbox culture in the various countries just based from the small lunchbox filled with varied and sumptuous dishes, the price differ and variation in packaging. The lunchbox as the main lead into the locals’ dining style, relationships between human and food, and the people and stories behind the food culture.
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  • Fun With SINGnese

    Fun With SINGnese

    Singapore’s immigrant community and historical background have led to the diversity of languages and creation of interesting and unique local terms. How are these terms being passed down and what’s the origin? The show conducts an in-depth study to explain in a simple way which is easily understood.
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  • Fun With SINGnese 2

    Fun With SINGnese 2

    Fun with SINGnese 2 continues to explore the origins of local Chinese/Dialect words and how they have been passed down till now. Hosted by Pornsak, Ben Yeo and Desmond Ng.
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  • Health Hacks

    Health Hacks

    Most folk remedies do not have any concrete medical evidence but some of these folk remedies are considered to be effective in treatment. The programme will analyse folk remedies scientifically, explain through Western and Chinese medical point of view and crack the mystery behind the folk remedies.
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