Wonder Kiss

There is an object of hate for all the boys in school - Kim Song Nam (Apple Chan). An avenger for anyone who has been cheated by boys, Song Nam has the adulation and adoration of all the girls in school. After she played a prank on a trio of bad boys who named themselves JAM, a war of the sexes begins.

JAM sends in Handsome (Ma Ang), in a bid to make Song Nam fall in love with him and then have him dump her. Unknown to them, Song Nam hides a family curse. When Handsome accidentally kisses Song Nam for the first time, their souls switch body.

Now, Handsome and Song Nam have to work together to find a way to undo the curse and revert to their old selves. But when the squabbling foes finally dispel the curse, their feelings for each other grew.

Will they let their pride get in the way and continue their battle of the sexes? Or will they yield to their true feelings?