Three Little Wishes

As the saying goes, a leopard ever changes its spots. Cheng Long embarks on his secondary school life but still remains uninterested his studies. Like most teenagers, Cheng Long enters a rebellious phase and is frustrated with the constant nagging and monitoring from his parents.

Friends and online games have grown to be Cheng Long's good companions as he deals with all that is happening. He has to deal with the increased difficulties in his school work, the peer pressure of doing well in school and on top of that, he constantly gets bullied in school. He wishes secretly that he could be free, be in complete control of his own life and fantasizes about using the wishing coin to make all that come true.

As a turn of events, Cheng Long accidentally faked the wishing coin and succeeds in making a wish. As a result, his entire family disappears and morphs into 'creatures'!

When your wishes are no longer made for selfish purposes, will the consequences be as dire?

Stay tuned to find out how Cheng Long overcomes the new obstacles in his life and how he tries to get his family back!