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  • Schools Unlimited

    Schools Unlimited

    Every student has a dream to study abroad. This has become the coming of age ceremony for many youths today. The host will visit different countries to find Singaporean students and see how they cope with study life overseas. The program is also a guide for youths who are interested to study abroad.
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  • Sherlock At Work

    Sherlock At Work

    There is a “Sherlock Holmes” in every job and trade and may involve the investigation and survey process. The show will feature the elite of each job and trade and introduce the “Sherlock Holmes” of each trade and industry. The host, Pornsak, will get to experience jobs of these “Sherlock Holmes”.
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  • The Taste Of Time

    The Taste Of Time

    Due to the multicultural make-up of the Singaporean society, the flavours, ingredients and methods of preparation of the delicacies here are the result of the fusion of various food cultures. Our forefathers brought not just their customs, but also the food cultures from their hometowns when they first migrated to the South. Over the years, after countless improvisations and innovations and together with the Singapore’s multicultural characteristic, the unique local food delicacies are evolved. Different food cultures with their own uniqueness integrate with the Asian food cultures and thus, “Cuisine from that Region cultivates the Culture of that Region”.
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  • Time Machine

    Time Machine

    The rapid changes and innovations in technology have improved our standard of living but also affect our daily lives which we need to adapt and accept. This dramatized infotainment programme adopts a light-hearted way to show the role and benefits of science and technology in this modern society.
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  • Toys Unplugged

    Toys Unplugged

    Kids’ addiction to electronic products has weakened their communication with parents. The hosts take a look at the nostalgic games, visit the various attractions, talking to game or toy experts and doing DIY toys. Besides creating family bonding time, unplugged toys can also bring joy to kids’ life.
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  • Where to Stay?

    Where to Stay?

    The cosmopolitan urban-dwellers of Singapore enjoy the comfort of modern living, yet they continue to have plenty to complain about. This infotainment travelogue compares living conditions in rural areas with lack of modern technology against modern city living, in the hope that viewers may come to realize that where they live and stay may just be the most comfortable after all. In each episode, two hosts will head to two different countries or different areas in the same countries. One of the hosts will travel to a place far from civilization, to experience the local way of life. For a short period of time, the host will live with a local, and spend a few days with him or her, including eating the same food and staying under the same roof. Urban city dwellers have difficulties coping when they do not have access to modern conveniences and technology. The other host will head to a modern city. From the viewpoint of a Singaporean, the host will experience the life in an advanced country, and from there, reflect on his or her own life.
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