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Meng and Heng met while acting for 'The gambling ace'. Both avid gamblers, they went gambling together and borrowed money from loan sharks. Unable to repay their debt, they were often harassed by loan sharks.

Meng wants to quit gambling for his wife's sake. Fong suffered much for Meng. Other than saving Meng on countless occasions, she sacrificed her left pinky to repay his debt. From then on, Meng made up his mind to quit gambling. One day, he went to find Heng at the underground den to persuade him to quit together. Alas, they were arrested and jailed together when the police arrived in a cleanup operation.

After 6 years, Meng was released earlier for good behavior. They both carry big ambitions for the future. Meng wants to start afresh but Heng wants to make a comeback into the gambling world.

Heng cannot curb his addiction and insists on gambling to earn more money for his wife. A fortune-teller once told him that he is fated to be a rich man one day. From then on, he tries to take the shortcut to riches and goes down a slippery slope.