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  • The Illusionist

    The Illusionist

    James Lee (played by Thomas Ong), a famous magician, is invited to produce a variety show Magic Go Live. As it is a live show, there will be no room for error. Nothing is impossible to James as he is the master in misdirecting his audiences. But he never expects that the TV station is another master in this skill! James is able to break free from all trapped situations in his magic performances, but is he able to do so in real life?
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  • The Oath

    The Oath

    The Oath tells the story of 2 medical practitioners and their vastly different approaches to treating patients. The protagonists, a Chinese physician (Christopher Lee ) and a Western doctor (Jesseca Liu) , cannot be more different though their paths are destined to cross. Their keen competition begins when both get involved in a complex medical case. After working together, love slowly blossoms. However, Min Fei (Jesseca Liu) is diagnosed with cancer and Guo En (Christopher Lee) gets into an accident and loses his memory, completely forgetting who Min Fei is just when she needs him the most. What would happen to this pair of doctors when misfortune befalls them? Will their love be able to pull through all these trials and tribulations?
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  • The Queen

    The Queen

    The core of marriage as the main social issue in this drama depicts the suffering and distress people face from the unconditional sacrifice for their loved ones, to learn the true meaning of love and happiness. When the disparity of five characters in the following circumstances: the betrayal of their boyfriend, lover and husband awakens them, their unilateral devotion will not lead to a happy ending. The assemble of the "The Revenge Queen" club, begins their treacherous, stirring revenge on their other halves.
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  • Three Little Wishes

    Three Little Wishes

    As the saying goes, a leopard ever changes its spots. Cheng Long embarks on his secondary school life but still remains uninterested his studies. Like most teenagers, Cheng Long enters a rebellious phase and is frustrated with the constant nagging and monitoring from his parents. Friends and online games have grown to be Cheng Long's good companions as he deals with all that is happening. He has to deal with the increased difficulties in his school work, the peer pressure of doing well in school and on top of that, he constantly gets bullied in school. He wishes secretly that he could be free, be in complete control of his own life and fantasizes about using the wishing coin to make all that come true. As a turn of events, Cheng Long accidentally faked the wishing coin and succeeds in making a wish. As a result, his entire family disappears and morphs into 'creatures'! When your wishes are no longer made for selfish purposes, will the consequences be as dire? Stay tuned to find out how Cheng Long overcomes the new obstacles in his life and how he tries to get his family back!
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  • Three Wishes

    Three Wishes

    Greed rules it all in this mystery drama which explores the spell of three wishes which seems impossible to break. Yao Zong (Thomas Ong), an assistant horse trainer who is not doing well in his career, is inadvertently sucked into its realm. Despite being bullied at work, he puts up a brave front daily to preserve the respect from his family. But one night, in a drunken stupor, he bumps into an old woman who grants him three wishes. He is skeptical but uses them anyway when he faces difficulties in his life. When he realises that the wishes do indeed come true, he wants more. No. of Episodes : 20
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  • Walk with Me

    Walk with Me

    Wu Xiu Yu is a full-time Tai Tai whose only responsibility is to take care of her daughter, Joey. Xiu Yu is badly affected when her husband passed on, having been very dependent on him all this while. Joey, worried that her mother has depression, asks that Xiu Yu follow her to England. Xiuyu leaves the house under her brother, Wei Kang’s care; this would later result in him bringing two young tenants into the house to relieve his financial woes, without prior consent from his sister. Further on, Wei Kang takes in yet another two tenants, claiming it as a desperate measure. With their different personalities and nationalities, it proves to be a feat for all five young adults and Xiu Yu to live together. After going through life together, Xiu Yu and her ‘kids’ develop a strong bond. Little did they know that a storm is brewing…
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