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  • Let It Go

    Let It Go

    Why are breakups often filled with pain and sorrows? How does one move on with smiles on their faces? No one can take anybody’s happiness away. Let go of the heartaches and move on to happiness.
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  • Marry Me

    Marry Me

    When love arrives, happiness can be very simple. Everyone likes to give a nickname to middle-aged single ladies. As more women become equally/more educated than men, is marrying late or not at all, a choice or not? Or is it a trend? Marriage is not something you buy at a supermarket; you pay for what you want. Being a cheapskate will not get you anything good and don’t even think about getting discounts! With your life happiness on the line, who doesn’t want the best for themselves? But do you really get the best through all that choosing? This drama aims to take a light-hearted and humorous approach to discuss the reasons why people are marrying late or not at all, through the life stories of 3 women belonging to 3 different categories: Rainbow, Xixi and Ruoxian. Is there truth in ‘there is no woman who can’t be married, only those who choose not to’ or is it ‘All women wants to get married but not all have the luck to’? To remain single is to enjoy single life? Forced to be single? Or are there unspoken difficulties? Let us discuss this heavy topic of unmarried women with a more light-hearted approach.
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  • Missing


    Sean is a police officer in charge of cracking human trafficking ring. He is a fast runner, a good fighter and a sharp shooter. If there were anything that his supervisor is unhappy with him, it would be he is too on the ball which often expose him to danger while trying to arrest criminals. Most of his team members thought he is so on the ball because he was eyeing for promotion, but he has his reason…. Lynn is a tour leader specializing in Bangkok tours. The series kick start with Lynn’s tour member Anne, losing her 9 years old son in a bazaar. Lynn mistaken Sean as the kidnapper and catches him. She takes him to a Thai police officer Aut. After Sean proves that he is actually a police officer from Singapore and together with Aut, they solved the case and found the missing boy. Lynn loses her job as she disobeyed her boss’s instruction to return to Singapore. She then joins a non-profit organization that helps gather information of any crime that the police was unable to solve over the years. When Lynn has new information, she would look for Sean to help solve the case. Sean did not believe in non-official intelligence but change his view after solving a case that Lynn provided the lead. They went on to solve several other cases and their relationship flourish.
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  • Secret for Sale

    Secret for Sale

    Secrets for Sale is a drama series revolving around a group of private investigators exposing the darkest secrets of individuals across the society. An ex-cop (Jesseca Liu) inherits a private detective agency from her sister and husband after they vanish without a trace. The technologically challenged lass then teams up with a sleazy debt-ridden photographer (Christopher Lee) to solve the mystery. Can they break the case without killing each other first?
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  • Served H.O.T

    Served H.O.T

    Every ‘gourmet dish’ has its ‘past’, and every ‘past’ creates a ‘delicacy’. Through the story of three ex-convicts’ entrepreneurship and pursuit of love, we search for every dish’s ‘heritage’and create new delicacies. Established shop ‘Nanyang Delicacies’is searching for ‘the fated person’ who can taste the special flavour behind its laksa. The one who has the correct answer will be given its laksa secret recipe, worth a million dollars. Many have attempted but failed to even see the face of the shop owner, until this day when 3 boys in their twenties arrive in the shop. Upon tasting the laksa, they ask “Can I see the chef?”…… From that moment on, their life stories are rewritten.
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  • Show Hand

    Show Hand

    Meng and Heng met while acting for 'The gambling ace'. Both avid gamblers, they went gambling together and borrowed money from loan sharks. Unable to repay their debt, they were often harassed by loan sharks. Meng wants to quit gambling for his wife's sake. Fong suffered much for Meng. Other than saving Meng on countless occasions, she sacrificed her left pinky to repay his debt. From then on, Meng made up his mind to quit gambling. One day, he went to find Heng at the underground den to persuade him to quit together. Alas, they were arrested and jailed together when the police arrived in a cleanup operation. After 6 years, Meng was released earlier for good behavior. They both carry big ambitions for the future. Meng wants to start afresh but Heng wants to make a comeback into the gambling world. Heng cannot curb his addiction and insists on gambling to earn more money for his wife. A fortune-teller once told him that he is fated to be a rich man one day. From then on, he tries to take the shortcut to riches and goes down a slippery slope.
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