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  • Arts Guide

    Arts Guide

    Art originates from our daily life! Viewers can see artists using their expertise to tell stories and also understand the different arts scene and local arts culture through different segments of each episode. Let’s see how the hosts display their creativity and get involved in many art creations.
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  • Behind Every Job2

    Behind Every Job2

    “Behind Every Job 2”is back again to showcase the 2 hosts working on what most people perceive as glamorous jobs and dirty jobs. The new series of “Behind Every Job 2” will feature different personnel from different industries. We will take a look at how they dutifully carry out their jobs and contribute to the nation building, how they maintain the enthusiasm in their jobs as well as the coerciveness among the co-workers. Besides understanding the different trades and their top achievers, there is also an underlying message to the viewers who keep complaining about their work, their salary and their working environment. In every episode, both messengers will each take up a glamorous and a dirty job together with the relevant professionals. The show will reveal the best and the worst parts behind jobs which most people would dream of or detest.
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  • Behind Every Job3

    Behind Every Job3

    Behind Every Job is back again to showcase the 2 hosts working on what most people perceive as glamorous jobs and dirty jobs. Through personal experience of services dispatcher, Mark Lee and Bryan Wong, the viewers will have a better perspective of the different trade and industries.
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  • Best Friends Forever

    Best Friends Forever

    Si Ya (Ying Ying), Yun Xi (Apple Chan) and Zi Ying (Bonnie Loo) return to their university to attend a reunion party. The reunion opens up fresh wounds for the once best friends, who fell out 10 years ago over a guy named Romeo (Charles Tu). Back in 2007, Si Ya, Yun Xi and Zi Ying were freshmen and best friends. They harboured a crush on the same guy, Romeo. Unknowingly, Romeo actually liked Si Ya, the righteous and most straighforward of the three friends. But Romeo was embroiled in a campus drug peddling case, Si Ya attempted to help him cover up and as a result implicated her friends… Everyone was expecting Romeo to turn up at the reunion, who disappeared after graduation. It was found out that Yun Xi fabricated the news of him coming to get Si Ya and Zi Ying to attend the reunion. Yun Xi goes all out to try and mend her relationship with Si Ya and Zi Ying, even feigning critical illness. Si Ya does not trust her but eventually discovers her true motives for doing so….
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  • Chope Love

    Chope Love

    刚从美国来新加坡工作的Leo,不熟悉本地文化,在商业区的小贩中心里,坐了上班族Aries用纸巾霸占的座位。两人为此起冲突。Leo对Aries的无理取闹感到不满,于是凭着超强的观察力,推测Aries正处于事业最失败阶段,并当众嘲讽了Aries,令她暴跳如雷。两人为此闹得不欢而散。 第二天,两人霸位之战随即开始。这回,Leo直接用雨伞霸占了桌子。Aries也不甘示弱,用纸巾霸占了椅子。结果,Aries虽坐在椅子上用餐,却得捧着碗筷,不能占用Leo霸住的桌子。而没椅子坐的Leo也只能站着吃东西。两人就这样瞪着对方进食。 第三天,一名女流氓乘Leo去买食物时,抢了他霸好的位子。Aries看不过去,上前质问女流氓,结果被对方欺负。Leo挺身而出维护Aries,凭犀利的言语激怒了女流氓。女流氓恼羞成怒,一拳打破Leo的鼻子,跟着愤然离去。Leo英勇的举动让Aries对他印象改观。 第四天的午餐时间,天空下起了雨。小贩中心的食客少了,Leo和Aries不但不用霸位,还共用一个餐桌,但两人始终相对无言。午餐结束,雨变大了。Leo为了赶回办公室开会,于是先行离去。离开时,他忘了拿伞。Aries握了伞,快步追上去,结果不小心滑倒,昏迷入院。 病房里,Leo一直守候在Aries身边,直到她醒来。Leo透露其实他因担心没带伞的Aries会淋湿自己,于是故意把伞留给她。Aries听了,会心一笑。她告诉Leo,她其实不单单想把伞还给他,还希望能与他一起撑伞,结伴离去。两人相视而笑,一切尽在不言中…
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  • Crescendo


    Crescendo is set against the backdrop of the Xinyao Movement, synonymous with the pursuit of dreams of a young generation of Singaporeans in the local music industry, and a part of Singapore culture many still hold dear. Crescendo follows the story of a group of Singaporean music enthusiasts as they manoeuvre the unpredictability of the local music industry, forced to look global to stay in business. The protagonists get to a stage where passion alone is no longer sufficient to sustain a business. Their experience is closely reflective of Singapore’s own development. What does it truly take to survive? No. of Episodes : 30
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