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  • A Sweet Taste of Art

    A Sweet Taste of Art

    Desserts have healing effect on our souls. Exquisite and artistic desserts not only satisfy our palate but also bring pleasure to our sight and soul. “A Sweet Taste of Art” will feature desserts in an artistic perspective and take a look at a country’s local culture and aesthetics through desserts.
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  • A Taste of Festival

    A Taste of Festival

    Singapore is a multi-racial society with countless festivals. Festive dishes are the main lead of this programme. The programme features how people prepare and celebrate the festivals and learn how they cook and make use of festive dishes to convey their feelings and also the festive food culture.
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  • A Taste of History

    A Taste of History

    Taste the rich flavours of traditional delicacies. Feel the deep sentiments attached to their heritage. Be touched, not only by the taste of food, but also by the stories behind it -- stories forged by history and the creators of the very dishes. From the past to the present, we shall let our taste buds discover and relive these fond memories. A Taste of History ingenuously combines food with history through selected local delicacies featured in every episode, presenting their local ethnic origin and long standing heritage. Tracing the source of popular local delicacies, one will realise that they contain the touch of our ancestors, including early immigrants of Singapore, and the integration of modern lifestyle and wisdom. In the year 1823, when Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles implemented the urban planning, different Chinese natives were allocated various settlement districts. And because early ancestors left their roots for Singapore in search of a better life, embracing food from their origin provided a source of consolation and helped alleviate their homesickness. The search for A Taste of History shall begin from the areas in Singapore where these local delicacies can still be found today...
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  • Accidental Agents

    Accidental Agents

    Johnny is a lazy, sloppy and irresponsible insurance agent. His girlfriend Sammi is a bomb disposal expert who compels him to marry her every day. Johnny however, dodges her pressure as he feels uncertain about his future. Tommy is the son of the Chairman of an insurance company. His father has arranged for him to take over the company and so Tommy becomes Johnny’s boss. The arrogant Tommy despises Johnny and tries all means to make him feel wretched every day. Johnny and Tommy accidentally discovered a bomb in the company, and were forced to hold on to the bomb together. Sammi failed to disassemble the bomb and the three were seriously injured in the explosion. After they woke up from their coma, the three found themselves with superpowers. Johnny is able to see the future by hugging the person; Tommy can tell the past by touching foreheads with the other party; Sammi is able to read a person’s current thought by kissing any part of the body. In their effort to trace the bomb culprit, Johnny and Tommy rescued Sammi from frequent assassinations during their chase, and discovered a conspiracy behind the bomb incident. Johnny, Tommy and Sammi are soon to face another dreadful devastation..
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  • Adventures of Chris

    Adventures of Chris

    Adventure travelogues differ from your typical travelogues. It emphasizes on the host immersing himself in the local culture, sometimes risky, but in the process promotes the love for nature. Embark on an adventure with Chris Christopher Lee, an A-list celebrity. He will be backpacking throughout Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, embarking on a rollercoaster journey that combines human and physical geography. Beautiful sceneries and fascinating stories included. Using the landscape as the underlying theme, the programme aims to introduce the different natural resources and along the way, experience the lesser-known ways of survival and culture, traditions and beliefs. The Adventures of Chris A simple journey on life-appreciation
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  • After the Stars

    After the Stars

    This drama series is mainly about behind the glamour of a Big Four artiste agency – Zi Yi Artiste Agency, the subtle and close relationship between the artistes and agents. Life in the entertainment industry is depicted in the story of celebrity artistes in the episodes and also includes main storyline of the agents’ struggle for survival, bringing out the dark human nature of greed and intrigue.
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