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  • Marry Me

    Marry Me

    When love arrives, happiness can be very simple. Everyone likes to give a nickname to middle-aged single ladies. As more women become equally/more educated than men, is marrying late or not at all, a choice or not? Or is it a trend? Marriage is not something you buy at a supermarket; you pay for what you want. Being a cheapskate will not get you anything good and don’t even think about getting discounts! With your life happiness on the line, who doesn’t want the best for themselves? But do you really get the best through all that choosing? This drama aims to take a light-hearted and humorous approach to discuss the reasons why people are marrying late or not at all, through the life stories of 3 women belonging to 3 different categories: Rainbow, Xixi and Ruoxian. Is there truth in ‘there is no woman who can’t be married, only those who choose not to’ or is it ‘All women wants to get married but not all have the luck to’? To remain single is to enjoy single life? Forced to be single? Or are there unspoken difficulties? Let us discuss this heavy topic of unmarried women with a more light-hearted approach.
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  • Missing


    Sean is a police officer in charge of cracking human trafficking ring. He is a fast runner, a good fighter and a sharp shooter. If there were anything that his supervisor is unhappy with him, it would be he is too on the ball which often expose him to danger while trying to arrest criminals. Most of his team members thought he is so on the ball because he was eyeing for promotion, but he has his reason…. Lynn is a tour leader specializing in Bangkok tours. The series kick start with Lynn’s tour member Anne, losing her 9 years old son in a bazaar. Lynn mistaken Sean as the kidnapper and catches him. She takes him to a Thai police officer Aut. After Sean proves that he is actually a police officer from Singapore and together with Aut, they solved the case and found the missing boy. Lynn loses her job as she disobeyed her boss’s instruction to return to Singapore. She then joins a non-profit organization that helps gather information of any crime that the police was unable to solve over the years. When Lynn has new information, she would look for Sean to help solve the case. Sean did not believe in non-official intelligence but change his view after solving a case that Lynn provided the lead. They went on to solve several other cases and their relationship flourish.
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  • My Grand Partner

    My Grand Partner

    My Grand Partner’ is an outdoor game series that combines facts and information of our society with emotional connections between 2 generations. Grandfathers and grandmothers were all young once, and the younger generation may benefit from interacting with them. On the other hand, by hanging out with their grandchildren, grandparents may learn more about how youngsters think, and perhaps find the adolescent joys they had lost with the passing of time. The program combines the game show with information elements in order to enhance interactions between grandparents and grandchildren. This increases cross-generational exchanges and emotional connection. The game design considers the characteristics of both generations and their worldviews. The game provides a bridge between the two generations, as they learn while going through the game stages together. They can ‘communicate, learn, and benefit’ together, and share their ‘memories of time’ through the game, strengthening their inter-generational relationship and passing on grandparents’ experience and wisdom. Through the ‘transcendence’ games designed for the teams, home viewers and contestants will understand our local history and cultures from new perspectives.
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  • Nanyang Chinese

    Nanyang Chinese

    Nanyang (now known as Southeast Asia) was one of the main destinations for Chinese migrants and we will explore how these pioneers coped with settling down in a foreign land and how they integrated their culture with the countries they chose to build their futures and raise their families. Through their reflections, the audience will be lead to understand how the gaps between the different cultures were bridged. The emigration of Ethnic Chinese (also called “the Han people” or Chinese in ancient times) were said to begin during the Shang dynasty. Subsequently, many Chinese stayed overseas due to many reasons including business, to seek refuge or for religious purposes. Larger numbers migrated to countries in the South China Seas after the expeditionary voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho, a favored eunuch of Ming emperor, Yong Le. Three primary reasons for the emigration of Ethnic Chinese: economic reasons after The Voyages of Cheng Ho, post Opium War migration and the move from Fujian-Guangdong to Indonesia. In the past, it was about tradition. Now it is about economic motivation.
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  • New Year Old Taste

    New Year Old Taste

    Chinese New Year is an important Chinese festival, which is celebrated with a feast and the New Year delicacies are created and passed down through generations. It’s also a time to express love to the family. This programme will lead audience to regain the old customs and delicacies of yesteryears.
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  • Old Taste Detective

    Old Taste Detective

    Food varies with time and places and often differs from the original version. Although time can create tradition and authenticity but it can also change the original taste of the dishes. The host will revisit the dishes based on local traditional taste and reproduce the ancient taste through a chef.
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