How to train your future

Xiaoshu was the apple of the teacher’s eye, the school’s model student. He believes that when he grew up, he will be an outstanding doctor, a perfect husband, the greatest father. He was looking forward to his so-called bright future. Thus, he made a wish to be an adult.

Nothing happens on the very next day but the worst teacher in Singapore, Jiang Zhi Shu was tasked to relief to Xiaoshu’s class. He was lazy, bad-tempered and irresponsible. Worse, he was affecting the student’s grades.

Xiaoshu discovered that Zhi Shu actually has the exact same name as him and more incidents along the way led Xiao Shu to assume that Zhi Shu is likely his future self. Did his wish came true? Why isn't his future as bright as how his parents has described?